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PRT Performance Tuning With over 20 years in the business, PRT Performance was tuning Fuel injection systems before it was even popular. PRT Performance has tuned with either factory ECU or Standalone or piggyback ECU all of the above vehicles, all of our tuning and dyno sessions are on file, ask for a comparison file to your vehicle. When your standalone ECU or factory ECU is tuned at PRT Performance, it is tuned by one of the most knowledgeable tuners in the industry who has a handle on what it takes to make power, reliably.

PRT Performance has been at the forefront of engine building and performance part engineering for almost 20 years. Your collection of bolt on parts, or your high dollar race engine are only as good as your engine tuner. If all of the components cannot be orchestrated to work properly, you will not be able to extract maximum performance from your vehicle.

At PRT Performance your engine is mapped by our head engine builder. This differs from other tuners who are just tuners. Having a clear understanding of the fundamental engine principals are what set a real tuner apart from a guy in a garage with a laptop. Which camshaft, how much over lap is used, which turbocharger, which intercooler, intercooler PRT Performance Engine Build plumbing routing, what rod stroke ratio, what compression ratio, etc... All of these components which been modified to your engine make a colossal difference as to how your engine will respond. Because PRT Performance tunes the motors they build, they have the confidence and the knowledge to make your motor perform, Rest assured we will not be experimenting or learning on your motor, we have already done it before. they where pioneered here at PRT Performance. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge base and experience to safely extract all the performance potential of your combination.


Road race, Hill climb, Street tuning in our years in business we have helped many achieve their goals. If max horsepower is your goal, we have no problem pushing the envelope.

Full Tuning Services For The Following Systems:

  • Full OBD2 datalogging connected to the dyno (yband, EGT, Boost Pressure)
  • 5 channel analog datalogging connected to the dyno
  • Flashing software for almost every vehicle year 2003 + up
  • Accel Gen 7
  • AEM (FIC) Fuel/Ignition Controller
  • A'PEXi Power FC/FC Edit (all cars/model)
  • Autronic SMC, SM2 and SM4
  • Diablo Sport
  • Dynojet Power Commander / all models
  • DSM/ECM Link
  • EcuFlash for Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles
  • ECUTEK (subaru BRS/FRS)
  • EFI Live
  • Electromotive Tec 3 and Tec 3R
  • F.A.S.T. and F.A.S.T. XFI
  • Fuel Tech
  • GReddy Emanage and Emanage Ultimate
  • Haltech E6X(K), F10X, E6GMX, E8, E11v2, Platinum 1000/2000 and Elite series
  • Haltech F10 Fuel Controller
  • Haltech Interceptor and Miniceptor
  • Hondata S300, Flash Pro and K-Pro
  • HP Tuners
  • Hydra EMS 2.5/2.6/2.7
  • Link G4
  • MAF Translator Pro, MAF Translator GenII and MAF Translator
  • Megasquirt
  • Mircotech LT8, LT10, LT12
  • MoTec M4, M48, M400, M600, M800 and M880
  • Rtek
  • SAFC or VAFC
  • SCT Flash
  • Turbo XS UTEC
  • UpRev
  • Wolf EMS

Dyno: Mustang Dyno MD AWD500

Track support

For a nominal fee, PRT Performance offers trackside tuning and support. Shaking down a new race vehicle can be a nerve racking experience, PRT Performance can be there to offer valuable tuning and support to make sure your racing goes smoothly.

Off site tuning + Travel to your Country

We have been all over the world to offer our tuning services, from Eastern and Western Europe to South America, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Our labor rate is $110 an hour

PRT Mandrel Bending Service

We also have an in-house mandrel bender and can custom bend any piping project you may have! If you have your own design in AutoCAD or need us to custom design one for you then please contact us here or call 817-823-7892.

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