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Request Group Tuning

Request a group tuning session in your area. Once the session is approved it will be moved to the Scheduled Events section.
Post Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:22 am

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Please follow these guidelines to help us assist you.

Please include the following in your post:

1) Location
2) Number of cars
3) Window of time that you would prefer service to take place

You will need at least a minimum of 5 cars before locking a date. Typically, at least 1-2 cars will drop out before the tuning session. Try to get as many cars as you can in your area before making a commitment.

We have a garage section for users to post their cars and the mods done to them. This helps Steve Kan in preparation for the tuning session and gives him an idea what he will be working with. So please consider having all members involved sign up and load their cars into our garage.

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